Symphony finance is built by 0x_kakashi and a_variable_.
  • Kakashi: Lead contributor of Symphony DEX & Founder of Symphony Finance. He has 4+ years of immersion in the blockchain space. Currently serving as a member of the Aave Grants Review Committee. He is also one of the delegates in the Safe DAO.
  • Rohan: Specialized in research and protocol design. He has experience working on both L1 & L2 blockchains. Before working on Symphony, he participated in various hackathons. He is one of the first contributors to Symphony Finance.
  • Roland: He spent the last 5 years building his 140k Hungarian crypto following, 2 Discord servers to 3k+ members, and Hungary’s first DAO. All of this with $0 ad spend.
  • James: He develops software solutions for more than 7 years. He has been an early contributor to many projects, such as Symphony, that are serving millions of active users daily. He is one of the early contributors at Symphony. Currently immersed in crypto space to improve DeFi.
  • Pankaj: Lawyer by education, with broad knowledge in financial research & analysis. He has 3 years of research and content writing experience for blockchain ventures and NFT projects.
  • Junaid- Artistic and technically proficient 3d Artist/Unreal Generalist. He has great analytical skills. Area of expertise are 3D software such as Blender, Maya, Zbrush, Substance 3D Painter, and Unreal Engine4 / 5 for modeling, texturing, and rendering.
  • Dharmin: Photographer by passion, degen by heart, and designer by profession. He is fascinated by the idea of NFT & how art is slowly being appreciated by the world. An integral part of the design team at Symphony. Editing content and making reels of life.
The team has received grants from: 1. Aave Grants DAO
4. Polygon Symphony finance is a DAO so anyone can contribute.
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